About the Series

Looking back, I realize I have always been fascinated by depictions of the human form, especially ones with spiritual qualities like the saints in Christian art, ancient statues and Kachina dolls. I loved making doll clothes from scraps, and dressing up my younger sisters and cousins in bizarre costumes. As an elementary art teacher, I realized my young students’ representations of people and animals were essential to telling their stories. The more I observed their work, the more I wanted to create figures myself, ones who would appear to come from a mysterious narrative. After years of building figures using all types of recycled materials, I am now experimenting with expressive human forms created only with wood.  Explore my series below. Click on any image for a full-size view.

Einstein's Kindergarten & Edison's Nursery

Permanent Collection of MEA
Permanent Collection of MEA

The Class

Permanent Collection of MEA

Family Unit


Family Band

Permanent Collection

Leaving This Place

Art Prize Entry
Permanent Collection

Play Date


Stick Figures