Looking back, I realize I have always been fascinated by depictions of the human form, especially ones with spiritual qualities like the saints in Christian art, ancient statues and Kachina dolls...

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Considering early inspiration for sculpture depicting environments, I remember creating elaborate sand castles embellished with anything that lay at hand—stones, leaves, weeds...

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As a child, I was intrigued by the practice of archeology. I would spend hours with books from the local library, studying photographs of ancient objects lying in the soil, labeled and surveyed ...

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Nothing illuminates my studio practice more than this quote from Becoming Human Through Art, an art education text by Edmund Burke Feldman: “Art is something you do about something that...

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A Word from H.J.

These amazing things—distressed, discarded—they have already had a life of their own before I encounter them. Reclaimed, repurposed—I try to rearrange them into a story-telling narrative, similar to the process used by children in their art-making. Like the young students who filled my classroom for more than 40 years, I’m more interested in crafting unique objects than in reproducing natural form.

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