About the Series

Considering early inspiration for sculpture depicting environments, I remember creating elaborate sand castles embellished with anything that lay at hand—stones, leaves, weeds, shells, twigs. All children begin to symbolize house with a square topped by a triangle but I went much further by building them in three dimensional space using scrap materials Mom collected for us in an old sideboard. (The legs had been cut off so the treasures inside were easily accessible and the top was the perfect height for a kids’ working surface.) Building backyard forts and doll houses were common activities, fed by the scraps from Dad’s wood shop. One of the first pieces of sculpture I exhibited as a high school student was an abstract wood construction expressing the oppressive qualities of urban decay. Five decades later, I seem to wander back to the basic square and triangle, setting them in abstracted rural landscapes.  Explore my series below.  Click on any image for a full-size view.

Incognito Mews

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Home Grown I: Little Planned Unit Development On The Prairie

ArtPrize Entry


Home Grown II: American Dream

ArtPrize Entry 2018


Landscape: In A Basket

Permanent Collection

Landscape: On A Curve

Piece In Progress